Habit of Mind & Volunteerism

Habit of Mind

The Habit of Mind I decided to choose was ‘Applying Past Knowledge to New Situations’. I believe that this is what best describes me when dealing with new projects and experiences. Whenever I start on a new project I always think to a project or experience similar to what I will be working on now. I think to myself what I should do differently and what should I keep the same. This works for me because I like familiarity, if I had success during a project because of something I did specifically, I will try to repeat the process to get a good result.


Throughout these past 4 years I have taken the opportunity to help those in need. I took advantage of being a Fairmont mentor in which my tasks were to assist Fairmont Elementary after school students. I provided my assistance whether it was with homework, projects, or simply by playing foursquare with them.

I have volunteered in many of the ITA events like the Lunafest film festival where a lot of set up is needed. You have to set up Goodie Bags, tables, lighting, decoration, etc.

The ITA Graduation is another big event that requires the help of volunteers to set up tables, decoration, help with food, guest seating, etc. Graduations can be pretty crazy so with the help of students teachers are able to focus on the more important areas.