Plan for the Future: Girls Who Code

Spending my summer at Facebook HQ for the GWC Summer Immersion Program is an experience I will never forget. Going on field trips with the IT Academy, I always admired the workspaces of tech companies like Twitter, AT&T, or IBM. I always imagined how amazing it probably was to spend your time there, and luckily I was blessed to spend seven weeks of my summer at one of the tech giants. Waking up at six in the morning Monday through Friday with a one and half hour commute was worth it, because I had the pleasure of walking through Facebook’s main campus. Life at Facebook was always full of joy, there were mornings where I even saw foxes. Could you imagine? Foxes just laying around in Facebook HQ.

Being around successful people brought me enthusiasm to see what future had in store for me. I met software engineers, security engineers, Instagram designers, Oculus engineers, and QA testers. Hearing their stories was so motivational because they spoke about how getting to where they were now wasn’t easy, that there will be road bumps along the way and you have to be ready to face them.

Something really exciting that happened that summer was being able to go go on an EA field trip and meeting their CEO, Andrew Wilson. He spoke to us about his story and his to be by far one of the motivational ones I have ever heard. The message he gave us was to keep fighting until you reach your goals and to never think you have it easy once you’re at your best because life will still throw more challenges at you.

Being at Facebook taught me a lot, it’s not very typical for a high school student to spend most of their summer there, so I took advantage of being there. Although most of us probably already knew this but you really have to work hard to be able to work at such company. You would think some people have it easy but they didn’t they all had to work equally as hard no matter what school they went to. That summer I learned the importance of getting an education and actually disregarding what school was best. People always talk about going to UC Berkeley, Davis, Stanford, because they’re one of the best schools out there but in reality that has a very tiny part in you getting a good job. I was lucky to have two mentors that were software engineers and I can’t stress enough how big of role models they were. I will forever keep in mind how one of them actually majored in CS at Stanford while the other went to Sacramento State University and hadn’t even majored in CS. This really struck me because at the end of the day, if you want to have something you simply just have to work hard as the rest because no one will have it easy.

Spending so much time at Facebook brought me new goals. I remember my last day I left very sad because who wouldn’t miss that place? I left Facebook with a new mindset, confidence, and a whole lot of motivation to achieve all of my dreams. I left Facebook telling myself that I would come back for good, and I will work hard until I get there.

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