Empowering Yourself with Knowledge & Skills: Game of Ages

My sophomore year I was introduced to various topics that intrigued me, but the one area that caught my attention the most was the programming. I remembering seeing my teacher Ms. Shah changing the way a table looked from what I now know was through HTML and ever since I saw her type a couple lines of code, I knew that was what I wanted to learn. For one of our last group projects we had to designed a concept of a video game and had to create all the components, and one of those components was the website.
I was excited for this opportunity because it was my chance to put all my HTML and CSS skills to use. This project was very challenging for me, and although we had covered some HTML/CSS, there was somethings that weren’t clear to me. Although to this day I’m glad I didn’t have the full understanding of the languages because it allowed me to do some research of my own. Out of this whole project I was able to construct a navigation bar using divs and lists. I remember asking Ms. Shah and my TA for help because these were topics we hadn’t really learned. I had to remove the bullet points out of the list, made sure they were positioned across the whole page (vertically), and add padding so that the text didn’t look so cluttered. Something that I always enjoyed doing was linking every page together because I knew that with one little type I could mess a lot of other things up. Overall, this project was pretty much the starter on my small programming career and I couldn’t have been more glad to start learning how to code with HTML and CSS.


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