Empowering Yourself with Knowledge & Skills: 20% Project

The 20% project was a project my teammate and I were extremely excited about. We had the opportunity to choose anything we wanted to learn about and due to our interest in Computer Science we decided to let programming be the main focus. The summer of 2016 I began to learn how to code in Python and since then I wanted to keep learning the language more, especially because it’s incredibly powerful yet very simple. With our ability to choose anything we wanted, John and I decided to create a web crawler using Python. A web crawler is a spider/crawler that searches through the world wide web, think of it as a search engine.

Like all projects, we faced many challenges. But those challenges definitely brought a better understanding of what we were dealing with. Programming is usually never easy so this project took a lot of patience in order to understand what was going on. One of our minor problems was running our code as Python 2 files instead of Python 3, which caused many syntax errors. Although we can say that we learned how to manipulate our code better since we began to change things in our code. The line that was giving us an error was in our __init__ method and it said that our boot method just could not be found even though is was declared.

One of our biggest challenges though was definitely connecting our GUI to our code. Since we had extra time, we agreed on making a simple Graphical User Interface so that our user didn’t have to keep typing into terminal. We created our GUI using the Tkinter library and the process of creating the buttons, user entries, or labels couldn’t have been more easy. Typically if you want to create a button, an entry, or almost anything, you will have to name it and then declare what it is. After declaring what it is you will then just have to give it some attributes similarly to HTML. Also after creating it you will have to ‘pack’ it which will allow the program to display it on your screen.

Button1 = Button(root, text=”Button”, width=10, height=2)


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