Empower Yourself with Knowledge & Skills: Girls Who Code: Final Project

Girls Who Code: Final Project

Towards the end of the GWC Summer Immersion Program, all the girls had to get into groups and apply our knowledge into a meaningful project whether it was an app, a website, or a game. Four of my friends and I first decided that our project had to bring awareness to homelessness since it’s a topic everyone ignores even though it’s everywhere. Although we knew what our project would be about we didn’t know how we would present it. We believed that making an iPhone app using the programming language Swift and Xcode. But we all knew this was going to be very complicated because we had not learned anything about those programs during the previous weeks. We also thought about creating a VR game since we had access to the headsets and could get help from Oculus engineers but using the game engine Unity was too complicated. We attempted to make streets and add buildings but it required multiple library downloads and extra software. Therefore we decided to take the risk in making in iOS app because it was something we all were eager about and we believed our project would be better presented that way.

In order to create our game we had to watch a lot of tutorials on Youtube that taught us the basics of how Xcode works. We watched a tutorial on how to make a simple card game so that we could begin to pick up the different functionalities Xcode brought. Our group divided into two small groups, the programmers and graphic designers. Three of my friends and I were in charge of the graphics of the game so we made sure to really understand how Xcode worked. I definitely will say that I learned how how difficult dealing with an iOS app can be.

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