Communicate: Ruby Gosu Game

This project has to be one of my favorites from being in ITA. For this project we had to code a game using Ruby and the Gosu library. My friend and I created a space game where a robot shot bullets to destroy enemies falling down from the sky. Although this was one my favorite projects, it was one of the most stressful ones because coding is never easy. When you think you’ve gotten every error fixed, five more show up. This project required a great amount of understanding the programming in Ruby and the overall concept of Object Oriented Programming. My teammate and I had to make sure we communicated whenever one of us added new lines of code since we took turns on the keyboard. It was really easy to fall behind so whenever one of us need a break from the computer we just made just we updated each other as to what was going on.
We used arrays in order to have objects falling down from the sky. It may sound strange but it makes sense because how our game functioned was that their would be objects falling down from the top of the screen, so all of those objects were in an array which is basically a list and it just keep looping through the array. The loop that made the objects fall down picked a random spot from the top of the screen and let it move down with a certain speed. We learned the importance of the methods initialize(), update(), and draw(). Each of them were designed for a specific job, initialize is where we declare our variables, images, sound, anything that needs to be declared really and the update method is where we add all of the functionality. The draw method is in charge of making sure everything appears on the screen, so every image, sound, or object that we initialize has to be drawn in order for it to appear. This project really allowed me to clarify a lot of lingering questions I had about programming and now thanks to this project programming is a bit more easier for me.

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