Communicate: Girls Who Code: Elevator Pitch Presentation

Walking up to the stage with my group members to present our project was the most nerve racking experience ever. We had been practicing our elevator pitch that same day and the day before that, scared that one of us would forget what to say. We weren’t allowed to have any notecards with us or a powerpoint to look at so this presentation wasn’t just scary for my group but for the other groups as well. Talking about your project isn’t as complicated but being in a room filled with engineers, parents, and other Facebook employees was tough.
A few days before the presentation my group and I dedicated some time out of our day to discuss who was going to say what for the presentation. We all wanted to say something we felt comfortable with so that we could speak with confidence. We all took note of our process, the difficulties we faced, our inspiration, as well as real world problems like how was our app going to make money or other situations like that. My friends and I kept each other updated so planning out our presentation wasn’t as difficult. Although we felt confident, worrisome rushed through us minutes before presenting our elevator pitch. Nevertheless, once all of us began to speak, our nerves began to settle and we all explained our app with great confidence.

20160804_Facebook 282 (1)Copy of 20160804_Facebook 042


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