Collaborate: TechFutures TA

This opportunity was my first ever internship/job and I’m really glad I took advantage of it because it taught me so much. The job may have not seem that big of a deal to others but this opportunity allowed me to grow and learn what it takes to be a leader. I had the chance to offer my help to the class of 2018 when they were working on their digital art projects. I assisted them with any problems they faced when working on photoshop, illustrator, or their websites. One problem I faced a lot with the students was when they linked their web pages to other web pages and they would get an error. Helping the students with such errors was always rewarding because we both ended up learning from the mistake.
While being a TA you learn all about critical thinking, problem solving, and last but not least leadership. The material you’re helping the students with isn’t easy so you really have to think everything out. Problem solving is the delicate out of all because their will always be situations where students don’t want to do their work or aren’t following the rules, so I always had to make sure to make wise choices. Showing a leadership role was very significant because I know some of those ladies to this day tell me they felt inspired seeing me so involved with tech so they are trying to pursue it also. When you hear anything like that you know you were doing things right.


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