Collaborate: Computing Innovation Center Marketing & Strategy Internship

This internship has been very different from the rest, it gave me a completely new sense of how a typical job can be. My day consisted of checking emails and contacting my boss to go over what I was going to be working on for the day. I had various tasks during this internship, I wrote blog posts for the company websites to better explain what the organization aimed to do to the students and parents. My boss and two other co-workers gathered once a week to discuss upcoming events, camps, upcoming projects, or challenges we were facing. In those weekly meetings we always brainstormed new ways of improvement or gathered up new ideas that could attract parents.
I had the opportunity to work with online databases so that my co-worker and I safely stored all of the clients information. I remember gathering lots of schools information like phone numbers, emails, school addresses, names, etc so that my boss could reach out to schools to offer classes that exposed kids to technology. This experience overall taught me to be very responsible with my time and work because some of my work built off of other projects, so I couldn’t turn in any unfinished work whatsoever. This internship gave me a brief look on what it takes to run your own business and I will without a doubt use my knowledge earned in the future to come.


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